You’re Not Alone – We’re Here To Help


If you have questions about an issue that could impact your license, or have been contacted by the nursing board, call to schedule a free legal consultation with a nurses attorney, (512) 829-5619. Please note that we only help nurses, nursing students, and nursing applicants – with licensing and disciplinary issues.

If something happens that could potentially jeopardize your nursing license, it can feel really scary!

When someone files a complaint or makes an allegation against you – whether it has merit or not – there can be long term ramifications. Or if you’re charged with a DUI or DWI or have a criminal arrest, your nursing license and livelihood could be at risk.

You might be hesitant to call a lawyer, or even reluctant to admit that something serious is happening. Or you might be worried about the potential cost of an attorney. But NOT having a lawyer at your side could be far costlier, if your nursing license gets restricted, suspended, or revoked.

You’re not alone, though – we’re here to help! We’ll listen when no one else might, and we’ll help assure that the truth is brought out. We’ll keep you focused and on track, and we’ll push for the best outcome, no matter the circumstances.

We have extensive experience working with the Texas Board of Nursing (BON), and we can support you through all aspects of the nursing license defense process, including:

The fact that you’re even considering hiring an attorney, probably means that the matter is serious. In a free consultation, we’d be happy to discuss your situation and go over your options.

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation with a nurses attorney, please call (512) 829-5619.

Please note: Kevin Keaney has more than 30 years experience as an attorney, and he’s a member of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys. He’s licensed to practice law in Texas, Oregon, and Washington. Before becoming an attorney, Kevin earned his BSN from the University of Texas at Austin and practiced as a registered nurse.