Denial Of Nurse Licensure ~ Texas Board of Nursing (BON)


If your nursing license application has been denied by the Texas nursing board, call (512) 829-5619 to schedule a free consultation with nurse's attorney, Kevin Keaney. Note that the free consultation is ONLY for professional licensing matters.

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has the right to deny licensure for nurses wishing to practice in the state of Texas.

If you have applied for a nursing license in Texas and been denied, or if you’re afraid that your application will be denied, please contact our law office. We help nurses attain and defend their nursing licenses.

The most common reasons the board of nursing in Texas denies nursing licenses include:

  • disciplinary actions against a nurse in another state
  • suspension or revocation of a different license (such as a physical therapy license)
  • criminal arrests and convictions (felonies and misdemeanors)
  • court martials
  • acts involving dishonesty, fraud, or deceit
  • failure to meet educational requirements
  • lying on the license application
  • failure to disclose pertinent information (including records that weren’t properly sealed or expunged)
  • irregularities on the nursing exam

Most nurses are not aware of this, but if your nursing license application is denied by the BON, you have the right to appeal, and we can help you with your appeal.

For questions about the denial of your nursing license application, or if you would like to schedule a free legal consultation, please call (512) 829-5619, or e-mail Note that the free consultation is ONLY for professional licensing matters.

Please make note: Kevin Keaney has more than 30 years experience as an attorney. He is a member of TAANA (The American Association of Nurse Attorneys). He earned his BSN from UT Austin and practiced as a nurse for six years before becoming an attorney. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, Oregon, and Washington.

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