Texas Board of Nursing (BON)


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The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) oversees the practice of nursing in the state of Texas. The mission of the BON is to protect the public and to enforce the laws that govern the practice of nursing, also known as the Nurse Practice Act (NPA).

The Texas BON was established in 1909, and it is comprised of thirteen members who are appointed to serve on the board.

The board of nursing in Texas oversees all:

  • nursing license applications
  • nursing license renewals
  • enforcement issues that relate to nursing licenses

The board has purview over the 350,000 nurses that are currently licensed to practice in Texas. In addition, the board approves nursing education courses (nurses in Texas are required to complete 20 contact hours of continuing education every two years).

One of the primary functions of the board of nursing is to objectively resolve complaints that are filed against nurses. Anyone can file a complaint against a nurse – patients, family members, colleagues, employers. Once the complaint is filed, it is the responsibility of the nursing board to investigate, in order to determine whether there have been any violations of nursing laws.

The board’s duty is to resolve the complaints and to apply disciplinary sanctions, whenever appropriate.

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