What Are Stipulations By The Board Of Nursing


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If a nurse in Texas has been investigated by the Board of Nursing (BON), and the board has found cause to impose disciplinary sanctions, it will often include “stipulations.”

These stipulations by the nursing board typically are attached to warnings and reprimands. In general, stipulations are in place for at least one year, and they become part of public record. The board’s stipulations vary, depending on the severity and frequency of the offenses that a nurse has committed.

The most common types of stipulations that the Texas nursing board imposes include:

  • notifying all employers and prospective employers about Board Orders and providing them with full and complete copies of the Orders
  • remedial education
  • professional ethics courses
  • patient privacy courses
  • critical thinking skills courses
  • mandatory alcohol and/or drug testing
  • limits on nursing practice (hours worked, types of employment, etc.)
  • direct or indirect supervision by another nurse
  • periodic performance evaluations by a nursing supervisor
  • submission of reports (therapy reports, support group attendance records, probation reports, etc.)

Most nurses aren’t aware of this, but stipulations from the board of nursing are negotiable.

But negotiations with the nursing board can be stressful and emotional. That’s why it is a good idea to have an experienced nurses attorney on your side. We can help you through the entire nursing license defense process, from notification of complaint to final resolution.

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