Nursing Practice Act (NPA) Texas


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Nursing Practice Acts (NPAs) are designed to ensure safe and competent nursing practice. The right to practice nursing is granted and regulated by individual states, including Texas. While Nursing Practice Acts vary from state to state, they will include requirements for licensure, standards and scope of practice for nurses, and grounds for disciplinary action.

The NPA is a law that was enacted by the Texas legislature and is enforced by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

The NPA is thought to also include the many administrative regulations put into effect by the Board of Nursing.

In Texas, the board of nursing has the power to:

The most common types of Nursing Practice Act violations include:

The board of nursing imposes different levels of disciplinary sanctions – ranging from a  reprimand or probation to license suspension or revocation – based on the severity of the Nursing Practice Act violation.

As a nurse, it is your duty to understand the Nursing Practice Act and the standards set by the board of nursing and to follow them.

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