KSTAR Program For Nurses In Texas


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The KSTAR Nursing program for nurses in Texas helps ensure nurse competency. Modeled after a similar program for physicians, the pillars of KSTAR Nursing are knowledge, skills, training, assessment, and research. Through the program, the competency of nurses can be assessed, and individualized remediation can be provided.

KSTAR Nursing began as a pilot program in 2013, through the A&M Rural and Community Health Institute (ARCHI) and the College of Nursing at Texas A&M University.

In 2017, the Texas Board of Nursing approved KSTAR Nursing as one of the disciplinary sanctions for nurses who have violated the NPA (Nursing Practice Act). The goal of the KSTAR Nursing program is to keep nurses practicing safely and competently. KSTAR Nursing is one of the most unique remediation programs for nurses in the U.S.

The KSTAR Nursing program includes:

  • assessments of a nurse’s competency
  • targeted remediation and education to ensure the nurse’s competency
  • recommendations and reports back to the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) as to whether benchmarks have been met by the nurse

Because of the individualized nature of the KSTAR Nursing program, each nurse who participates is assessed objectively, with a goal of identifying and closing gaps, so that the nurse can practice safely.

To be accepted into the KSTAR Nursing program, nurses must have a board order against their nursing license and receive approval from the Texas Board of Nursing. Nurses who have violated the Nursing Practice Act by committing medication, documentation, or communication errors are eligible for KSTAR. Nurses with criminal arrests and/or substance abuse issues aren't eligible for KSTAR Nursing. However,  nurses with substance abuse violations may be eligible for TPAPN (a peer assistance program).

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