What Is A Nursing License Suspension In Texas


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For egregious acts, the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) can suspend your nursing license. In most cases, however, the nursing board will “stay” your suspension and put you on probation. Probation allows you to keep working as a nurse, as long as you follow certain requirements and abide by the limits the board imposes on your license.

If you’re facing the possibility that your nursing license might be suspended, we can help! We can assist you through every phase of the nursing license defense process, helping to ensure the best outcome.

What Is A Nursing License Suspension

Simply put, a nursing license suspension means that the nursing board has removed your ability to practice nursing. Until your license is reinstated, you can’t legally work as a nurse.

Why Does The Board Of Nursing Suspend Nursing Licenses

The board of nursing can suspend a nursing license for a variety of reasons, including:

What Are Your Options

If you’re facing a potential suspension of your nursing license, your best option is to try to negotiate the terms of a probation. We’ve helped defend hundreds of nurses with state nursing boards, and we can assist you in those negotiations.

Once the terms of probation have been set by the board of nursing, you’ll need to diligently follow the agreed-upon terms, during your entire probation period, in order to successfully complete the discipline agreed to by the board.

How To Get Your License Reinstated

If your license is suspended, you should be able to get your nursing license reinstated once the suspension is completed. We can assist in this process, too.

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Please note that in addition to helping nurses with license suspension or probation issues, we also assist with:

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